Dispuut Défi

Since October 9th, 2019

The story starts in February 2019, when three friends - Jealy, Joy and Irne - put forward the idea for a new fraternity of GEWIS. Even before the founding phase began, Romy and Susan decided to join as well. Then, after the addition of two aspiring members, the organization of three activities and veeery many milestones, in October 2019 the time had finally come: Défi is now an acknowledged fraternity of GEWIS!

The story of this fraternity starts with its name: Défi. Défi is the French word for challenge. Within the walls of GEWIS, all fraternities have a theme and we have chosen that to be challenges! We organize activities which present the members with a new challenge that might even pull them out of their comfort zones. This way we can teach both ourselves and the willing joining members new things and how to cross their borders.

Okay, this might all sound very serious, but in spite of that, the other most important thing within a fraternity is definitely the way we can laugh and have fun together! For this reason, we can regularly be found at other activities from GEWIS, (external) parties and, obviously, at each Thursday evening borrel.


This challenging mentality is mainly brought forward by organizing activities for the members of GEWIS. Previously we have let 120 GEWIS members experience great heights by abseiling from the TU/e building Vertigo as our founding activity. Furthermore we have invited some exotic animals and have people blindly taste crazy food combinations. For a full overview of all the activities we have hosted, check out our activity page.