Défi, fraternity since 2019

Once upon a time, during a borrel on a wonderful Thursday evening at Het Dakterras of study association GEWIS, three friends were proclaiming that they would love to do more for their study association than just simply being in the committees they were already in. Naturally, these thoughts were put into words while the three girls were enjoying some nice beers. For these reasons, Irne, Joy and Jealy decided to go on an entirely new adventure, which quickly unfolded into what is nowadays known as the fraternity called Défi.

The things that were aimed to achieve with this new, exceptional fraternity were challenging activities that would provoke the joining members of GEWIS to broaden their comfort zones. However, it would be close to impossible to fulfill this ambitious vision with the input of only three members. Therefore, Susan and Romy decided they also loved the idea of this fraternity and wanted to join, also still before Défi was established yet.

Now, a good two years later, we can proudly say that Déi was officially born on October 9th, 2019! Currently, Défi is represented by already ten members and one aspiring member. All of them are not exactly opposed to drinking beer and can definitely be found in the GEWIS room during the Thursday evening borrel! Afterwards, they continue the party on the lovely Stratumseind, definitely making memories that will never be forgotten… Not only are they present at several activities organized by other fraternities or committees, but they also like to join all different kinds of parties in Eindhoven. Clearly, there are enough opportunities to come have a drink with them!

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